IMPORTANT: About Aussies and their tails

Most of the Australian Shepherd is born with tails and as breed standards, we cropped them at 3-4 days of age.  If you prefer to leave the tail on we can do that. We call them custom puppies.  If you want us to keep the tail on your puppy, the puppy must be paid in full in the first couple of days.  This is non-refundable. If you have more questions about tails, please call at  0815 923 9296.

What is the total cost of buying a puppy from Australianshepherddog?

Puppies are priced between $700 and $1000. We base our pricing on the pedigree, genetics,  gender, color, and conformation of the puppy, availability, and demand. Any puppy placed in a breeding home is $5,000 regardless of color or gender.

Raising quality puppies is more costly than one might imagine. Besides the obvious cost of quality food, vitamins, regular worming, flea control, grooming, and vaccinations for the breeding dogs there are many other costs. Genetic testing, PennHip Cert. Eye Cert. is very costly. Quality breeders will pay for these tests on their breeding stock while many breeders will not.

It is very important to us to breed a healthy, beautiful puppy with a correct conformation and wonderful disposition.

Additional expenses include registering a litter so a new owner can apply for papers, the multiple vet exams, and health certificate, docking of tails and removal of dewclaws, vaccinations and a de-worming, microchipping, fecal exam, and feeding the litter quality puppy food. A health guarantee must be factored in as well. When considering the cost, please remember:

Most breeders who charge less than we do probably do not do genetic testing or PennHip Cert. Breeders who do genetic testing often charge a lot more than we do. We try to provide quality puppies in a medium price range affordable to most buyers.

TIME…The time we spend with each puppy can only be measured by their disposition and early socialization skills. Each puppy gets his/her own tailor made program based upon their personal learning profile. Our puppies are raised in the middle of our house, not in a shed outside or a kennel in the backyard. It’s our responsibility to build the best foundation we can. The end results are priceless!

We make every attempt to be a responsible breeder. We believe responsible buyers will recognize and appreciate this effort!

Are you a licensed breeder?

No ! Puppies are not AKC registered

Will you sell a puppy to anyone who can pay for it?

No. We are ethically obligated to only sell our dogs to families and loving homes that treat their pet as part of the family. We will never sell to brokers or research facilities under any circumstances.

Aussies need a lot of space for play and exercise to be happy. If your Aussie does not get plenty of physical and mental stimulation during the day, it can become depressed and destructive, which will be a bad experience for you and the dog. We respectfully decline puppy deposits from apartment dwellers. We expect that the puppy will have a fenced yard and someone to spend time with during the day and be taken out regularly.

Please only make a deposit if you can commit to an active daily schedule with your dog, or have friends, family, or hired help who can. Especially during the first year. If you make a deposit, we will call you to make an introduction and learn more about your lifestyle and living situation.

For the sake of our dog’s health and happiness, we reserve the right to return your deposit and refuse the sale of a puppy for any reason. We are the only voice our puppies have!

Do you sell dogs for breeding purposes?

We might consider it on a very limited basis for a highly qualified professional breeder.

  • Any puppy placed in a breeding home is $5,000 regardless of color or gender.
Will my puppy be vet-checked and microchipped when I bring them home?

Yes. Your puppy will be microchipped and delivered with a clean bill of health from our veterinarian. We also provide you with genetic information on both of the puppy’s parents.

Can I see pictures of my puppy after it is born?

Yes. We upload pictures and videos of each puppy after they are born and add new ones as they grow.  The web page assigned to your puppy will be updated regularly. We also post videos on our Facebook page.

What happens if there is an emergency and I cannot keep my puppies after I bring it home?

If for any reason you cannot keep your puppy or adult dog, we would love to help to find a new home you can always return the puppies to our facility at St, Moore,OR. You must agree in the contract of sale that you will not re-sell your dog or leave it at a rescue or shelter.

I've read that Aussies are working dogs bred for the farm. Will my dog be sad if it doesn't have a job?

Although australianshepherddogs are traditionally herding and working dogs, we have not bred any working bloodlines in our Aussies. We breed more from show bloodlines, and our dogs have a more quiet, gentle disposition than working Aussies. Here at Australian shepherd dog, we are very selective of our breeding stock.   For instance, our dogs excel in service and therapy work. They make amazing family pets and companions. Daily physical and mental stimulation is important to keep your australianshepherddog happy.

What is the best way to exercise and play with my australianshepherddog ?

australianshepherddog love playing fetches, tug, frisbee, and fly-ball. They love to hike and love the water. They love agility tunnels and fun things to climb on. Jogging is OK after the puppy is a year old when its joints are strong. Adventures of all kinds will make your australianshepherddog happy.

Avoid any rough play with your puppy that gets them overstimulated and really amped up: roughing the head, wrestling, pulling and pushing, etc. Playing rough with your puppy can result in a jumping, nipping, obnoxious adult.

How do I socialize my Australian Shepherd?

We cover socialization in a document that you will receive when you pick up your puppy. The first sixteen weeks of the puppy’s life are most critical for its development and lifelong behavior. It is important that you take every opportunity to take your puppy out into the world and expose it to as much as you can safely. People, different environments, cars, machines, kids, well-tempered dogs, other animals, etc. We pre-socialize your puppy and expose it to many of these things before you take it home, but a good owner must keep it up, even when inconvenient.

Never force your puppy to do anything that makes him or her feel overwhelmed or afraid. There is a difference between ignoring general fear behavior (which we recommend) and forcing your puppy into a situation that it isn’t ready to handle.

Should I socialize my puppy with adult dogs?

We think it is very beneficial for puppies to play with well-tempered adult dogs. Adult dogs can give puppies measured corrections which really helps with training.

However, you should be certain that the adult dog is well-tempered. Avoid dog-parks and strange dogs on the street as an aggressive dog can snap at your puppy and seriously alter his or her behavior, making them timid when approaching and playing with new dogs in the future.

I have small children at home. How will my puppy interact with them?

Australianshepherddogs are people dogs and love their family pack more than anything. They will become the best family dog that your children could ask for. However, some Aussie puppies have a tendency to nip lightly with their playmates, as their herding instinct is engaged. Playtime with your children should be supervised until the puppy has outgrown the teething phase.

We raise every puppy we sell in our own home with our own kids. They have a lot of exposure to children before they go home with you.

I have an older dog or cat home. How will my puppy interact with them?

Your australianshepherddog will be happy to have a playmate and training can actually be made easier by the presence of an older dog. It is important that you introduce the puppy gradually to the entire house, so your other dog (or cat) does not feel threatened by a new animal in their territory.

Playtime with cats especially should always be supervised in the first month, as a swipe from a cat’s claw could seriously injure your puppy. Give your puppy a dedicated space in the house and keep him or her there when not supervised.

Every puppy we sell has been exposed to dogs, cats, chickens, horses, and other animals on our farm.

Should I crate train my puppy?

We recommend crate training your puppy because it gives your Aussie a safe den-like place to retreat, and it is especially helpful with potty training.

Your puppy should have an hour or so of play for every 2-3 hours it is alone in the crate during the day. When the puppy gets older and can hold itself longer for potty, it can stay in the crate for longer periods, but it should never exceed 5 hours at a time as a full adult. Your puppy should not live in the crate, it should live with you!

When should I take my puppy home?

We think the best time to take your puppy home is at 7 or 8 weeks. We do not allow puppies to go home earlier than that. Read this article for more information.

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