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Australian Shepherds are the ultimate working dogs. Actually not from Australia, as one might rationally conclude, these pups grew in popularity as herding dogs because of their high energy levels and impressive intellect. These dogs like to be occupied with a job to do, and excel at many activities, including herding, search and rescue, and agility. Aussies often have distinctive merle coloring and bright, striking eyes that come in a variety of colors. They are medium-sized, smart, loyal dogs and make devoted companions to active families.


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The Australian shepherd dog is a small breeder in Oklahoma that has been breeding, raising, and training The Australian Shepherds for nearly 30 years. We make every effort to produce healthy and well-Socialized pups that will adapt quickly to your family home and become your new best friend.

Our dogs excel in obedience, agility, tracking, service work, and, most important of all, lifetime family companionship. We feel a great responsibility as breeders and spend many hours diligently socializing our puppies with people and dogs before they join their new family.


Shepherds are people dogs that thrive on human companionship. They are exceptionally loving dogs that bond strongly with their family. They are also one of the most intelligent, trainable, and versatile of all dog breeds. we have proved themselves in farm work, herding, therapy and guide service, search and rescue, and can also serve as protective watchdogs. While we do not breed our Aussies as traditional working dogs, they are still a breed that requires plenty of daily physical and mental exercise to be happy and content.

If you are considering bringing an Aussie into your family, it is important to do your research first. Please be sure that you have the lifestyle, time, and space to commit to an Aussie.  Your dog will thank you for it!

Puppies are not AKC registered 

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About The Australian shepherd dog

Professionalism is our #1 priority. It is very important for the customer and client to be on the same page when conducting business with each other.
We make sure we don’t have any miscommunication with the Client. We also have all of our dogs come with a  health certificate, health guarantee, health records, shot records, and brochures.

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What You Need to Know About Australian Shepherd Health

All dogs have the potential to develop genetic health problems, just as all people have the potential to inherit a particular disease. Run, don’t walk, from any breeder who does not offer a health guarantee on puppies, who tells you that the breed is 100 percent healthy and has no known problems, or who tells you that her puppies are isolated from the main part of the household for health reasons. A reputable breeder will be honest and open about health problems in the breed and the incidence with which they occur in her lines.

Australian Shepherds are generally healthy dogs, but they can develop certain health problems, including hip dysplasia, various eye diseases, sensitivity to certain drugs, and epilepsy. Here’s a brief rundown on what you should know.

Hip dysplasia is a genetic malformation of the hip socket. Dogs with hip dysplasia may appear perfectly normal, but because the head of the thigh bone doesn’t fit properly into the hip socket, over time the cartilage on the surface of the bone begins to wear away. The constant inflammation leads to arthritis.